Our Concept

Hope for a better future.

Poverty – we have all driven past it, seen it on the television, read about it in print, scanned it online and we all genuinely feel for those who it affects. We donate what we can, think charitable thoughts and openly discuss the problem and the issues that cause it and sustain it.

The people featured on the following pages are the teachers and students of Life’s Classroom. Their generosity, dignity, and human spirit are powerful mirrors that remind us of just how privileged and fortunate our own existence is.

Life’s Classroom is an evocative photography book that studies the less fortunate souls who inhabit the underprivileged areas of Indonesia.

100% of the profit will be generously donated to the Red Nose Foundation in Indonesia (Yayasan Hidung Merah) – an arts and education outreach program. Their mission is to empower Indonesia’s underprivileged youth through the use of circus and other arts, as well as to support the kids’ traditional and non-traditional educations. To find out more about their program please visit

Together with your help, we are able to give these kids the opportunity to an education and change their lives forever.