Our Story

About us

It was a few years ago surrounded by the privileges of a five star hotel, emptiness flooded my soul and a search began. The destination was as clouded as the solution but a step forward was better than running away and in that moment of clarity that step lead me to “Life’s Classroom”.

Being greeted with a simple smile in a foreign environment was the first anomaly that stood out as unique from the world I was used to. It took me by surprise – a simple exchange that allowed me to feel connected and made me react. I raised my camera and gently squeezed the shutter capturing a moment that gave life to a concept and a little hope.

A simple moment that could have gone unnoticed yet will never be forgotten. Somehow I felt at home amongst those who had nothing, yet seemed somehow rich beyond possessions. That simple and pure photography moment was the spark that ignited Life’s Classroom – a charitable project to make the smallest of differences and to give those who could use a hand, a fighting chance.

I live a fulfilled and privileged life, I just never realized just how privileged it was until Life’s Classroom found me. I hope you enjoy taking the journey as much as we have savoured every step. Thank you for your support.

The Publishers

Jon Gwyther & Stephanie Hoo

The creators of Life’s Classroom went in search of glimpses of everyday reality but what they found was as unexpected as it was inspiring. From the ashes of poverty and diversity they found true hope and the eternal beauty of the human spirit.